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IMPLA Implants


Due to the wide diversity of implants in our system, you as implantologist will find the correct implant for nearly all indications available. In the following, we will introduce to you the different implant lines of our IMPLA system. Eight different lines with two different connection types - Cone and Hex Connection - are at your disposal. 


We Achive a microstrucured high purity surface by using a certified procedure. the lasted and etched surface ensures optimal cell adaptation , and fast and reliable Healing. Studies Show that a surface roughness between 1.0 and 2.0 μm Creates an Optimum Basis for reliable  osseointegration (cf. wennerberg/albrektsson, 2006, international Densitry SA Vol. 8, No 6, 2006). Internal Measurements show that IMPLA implants have an Average surface roughness of 1 - 2 μm. 

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